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Namespro and Azure Web Apps

Tags: web-development, ms-azure, namespro, dns

This is a high-level view of setting up a website with Namespro and Azure Web Apps.

Purchase the domain from Namespro OR transfer the domain from the existing registrar to Namespro. If transferring,

  1. first unlock the domain at the existing registrar,
  2. then obtain the domain at Namespro.

Setup an Azure Web App.

Point the DNS records at Namespro at the Azure Web App.

CNAME www.mydomain.ca myapp.azurewebsites.net
FWD mydomain.ca http://www.mydomain.ca

If we’re not using CNAME/FWD we can use A-records instead using both the catch all * subdomain and the blank @ subdomain.

A *.mydomain.ca
A @.mydomain.ca
CNAME awverify.mydomain.ca awverify.myapp.azurewebsites.net

Add the domain name to the Azure Web App.

Obtain the website’s source files.

Access the Azure Web App with FTP (we use WinSCP)

Upload the website’s source files to the Azure Web App via FTP.

Some notes: Do not store client’s usernames and password. Emphasize to them that we don’t store their credentials.

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