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MS Word + OneDrive = A problem occurred while accessing the Office Document Cache.

Tags: ms-word, onedrive

I was feeling really frustrated for a while. The following brought relief!

Problem & Resolution

  • Open MS Word.
  • Open File from OneDrive.
  • Error:
    • A problem occurred while accessing the Office Document Cache.
    • Do you want to repair this problem?
    • Choose Yes.


  • Error:
    • The Microsoft Office Upload Center found a problem while accessing the Microsoft Office Document Cache and needs to repair it before it can continue.
    • As part of the repair a copy of the cache will be saved as a backup and a new cache will be created.
    • Choose Repair.


  • Error:
    • The action cannot be completed because another application is using the Microsoft Office Document Cache.
    • Please close all Microsoft Office Applications or restart your computer and start again.
    • Use Task Manager to kill all processes associated with the MS Office Cache (there‚Äôs often about three or four). For example:
      • Microsoft Office Document Cache Sync Client Interface (this is the usual suspect)
      • MS Word
      • Microsoft Office Click-to-Run
      • OneDrive Sync Engine
      • Microsoft Office Document Cache
      • Etc
    • Choose Try Again.


  • If the Browse For Folder window opens (why?), then choose Cancel.

The above did work for me!

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