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Email, Word, and OneDrive in Windows 8

Tags: 2014-112SF, windows-8, ms-word, pdf, onedrive

How do I get rid of OneDrive / SkyDrive

  • Short Answer – with difficulty. If you disable OneDrive, which is possible, Microsoft will continue to foist it upon you. Existential issues of autonomy aside, this isn’t such a bad thing.
  • Instead, just don’t store anything in OneDrive, instead, store in My Computer
  • You have two top-level storage locations:
    • OneDrive (aka SkyDrive)
    • My Computer aka(My PC / This PC / Computer)
  • When you’re ready, experiment with storing items in OneDrive. You don’t keep your money under your bed, do you?

Save from MS Word as a PDF

  1. Open a MS Word document.
  2. Click FILE.
  3. Click EXPORT.
  4. Click the big square Create PDF/XPS button.
  5. Choose a save location and name.

View PDFs without Hassel

What We Did

  • Uninstall Nitro because it was annoying.
  • Don’t use the Windows 8 built-in viewer, because it has a foreign Metro interface.
  • Install Foxit reader, because it’s less annoying.
  • Set Foxit as the default PDF viewer.

Other Topics on the TODO List

  • Email.
  • Increase the print size on the screen.
  • Manage passwords.