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Email Terms and Technologies

Tags: email


  • a place for storing email
  • it is associated with an email address

SMTP Server

  • a computer for sending email from one mailbox to another

Mail Client

  • an interface for interacting with both a mailbox (to view email)
  • and an SMTP server (to send email)


  • simple mail transfer protocol
  • protocol for sending email from one mailbox to another mailbox


  • post office protocol
  • protocol for downloading email from a mailbox to a computer
  • we can often choose between
    • download and delete from the server
    • download and leave on the server


  • internet message access protocol
  • protocol for synchronizing email between a mailbox and a computer


  • when one mailbox receives an email,
  • it automatically sends it (via SMTP) on to another mailbox,
  • warning: this can lead to spam detecting if the upstream mailbox has a stringent DMARC policy, e.g. Yahoo’s DMARC policy requires all Yahoo email to come only from Yahoo SMTP servers.”"


  • An option when we use one email account to “Send As” another email account.
  • E.g. "Send As" lets us use Gmail to send from another account.
  • without aliasing it sends through the other account’s SMTP server.
  • with aliasing it sends through the Gmail SMTP server
    • The email still appears to come from the “Send As” email address.
    • Gmail can only do this because of its god-like certificate.


  • Add the pros and cons of POP
  • Add the pros and cons of IMAP
  • Add the pros and cons of Redirecting
  • Add the pros and cons of Aliasing
  • E.g. spam filtering, synchronization problems, general confusion…