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Download a Fiction eBook from the Salt Spring Public Library to OverDrive on the iPad

Tags: 2013-119SN, overdrive, ipad

If you haven’t already, first download, install, and authorize OverDrive, then add the BC library system. FULL PREREQUISITE INSTRUCTIONS ARE HERE. One you have done that, follow these steps to borrow a fiction eBook.

  1. Click the OverDrive icon on your home screen.
  2. OverDrive will open.
  3. Tap the OverDrive menu button (three horizontal lines in the top left corner.)
  4. The OverDrive menu will open.
  5. Choose British Columbia Libraries from the menu.
  6. The BC Libraries page will open.
  7. Choose All Fiction below the eBooks heading.
  8. A page will open that lets browse a filtered list of all Fiction eBooks.
  9. Tap the “Available Now” filter.
  10. This will show only books that are in the library.
  11. When you find a book of interest, tap on it’s title or cover image.
  12. A page will open that displays the books details.
  13. Tap the Borrow button.
  14. A page will open that displays download options.
  15. Tap the Download (ePUB) button.
  16. The title will appear in your OverDrive bookshelf.
  17. Tap the title to start reading.