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Continuing with Vim

Tags: vim

These are the commands that I have started to adopt after having started with Vim. They are listed in the order that I started to adopt them.

March 2015

  1. :set autoindent maintain indentation on carriage return
  2. a similar to i though insert text after cursor
  3. 5o<esc> insert five blank lines below the current line
  4. 5O<esc> insert five blank lines above the current line
    • it's a capital O not a
  5. 5k Go up five lines.
  6. 20i<space><esc> insert 20 spaces
  7. <ctrl>[ same as <esc> only easier to reach
  8. "*p paste from the Windows clipboard
  9. "*yy copy to the Windows clipboard
  10. G go to end of file
  11. gg go to start of file
  12. :set list show control characters except whitespace
  13. :set nolist hide control characters
  14. :syntax on+:set syntax=whitespace show tabs & spaces
  15. zz center the cursor vertically
  16. Shift+j join two line (i.e. delete carriage return)
  17. Ctrl+o execute normal command without leaving insert mode see also
  18. dd to cut an entire line, then p or P to paste it below/above
  19. :help substitute view the help pages for find/replace


  • " gives us register access. See these two StackOverflow answers.