Welcome to Shaun Luttin's public notebook. It contains rough, practical notes. The guiding idea is that, despite what marketing tells us, there are no experts at anything. Sharing our half-baked ideas helps everyone. We're all just muddling thru. Find out more about our work at bigfont.ca.

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  • What makes a good domain name?

    Tags: web, marketing

    In the small town of Salt Spring Island, some people see me as a computer expert, because I write software for a living. The field is so massive, though, that it isn't possible to be an expert on … more

  • Optimize Images

    Tags: seo, web

    distinct file name. brief but descriptive alt attribute. provide information about the picture, brief but descriptive (for those with visual impairments and for image search robots) caption. write a … more

  • CSS rem vs em

    Tags: css, web

    rem The font-size of the root element (i.e. the html element) Using rem for units means using multiples of the root font-size. em The font-size of the of the current element References https://css- … more