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Contents tagged with http

  • Common HTTP Headers

    Tags: http, web-development

    Request METHOD <url> HTTP/1.1. The method includes GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, and OPTIONS. The latter is often for CORS. Referer Accept Accept-Language Access-Control-Request-Method. Used with … more

  • ASP.NET MVC and HTTP/1.1 Caching

    Tags: asp.net, http, caching

    Overview ASP.NET provides two caching mechanisms: output caching, which stores files in “any HTTP 1.1 cache-capable device” from the originating server to the client browser. application data … more

  • HTTP Caching Basics

    Tags: http, caching

    HTTP Caching Overview HTTP caches all files types; it has no intrinsic notion of types. Caching uses two mechanisms: expiration. eliminates the need to send requests validation. eliminates the … more