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Contents tagged with 2013-119SN

  • Email Simplifications Goals

    Tags: 2013-119SN, email

    The ultimate goal is to have one and only one point of access for email. This will prevent synchronization nightmares (e.g. Didn’t I delete that email?). Here is there generally strategy. Avoid … more

  • Add a contact in Skype in Windows XP

    Tags: 2013-119SN

    Note: These instructions apply to Skype running on Windows XP. Open Skype on Windows XP. Your Skype main page will open and show your contact list. Horizontally, there will be four icons: a house, … more

  • Access Shaw Email from the iPad

    Tags: 2013-119SN, ipad, email

    Basic Steps Click the Shaw Webmail icon on the dock. The Shaw Webmail login page will open (unless you’re already logged in). Log in with your username and password. Shaw Webmail will open. … more

  • iPad Goals

    Tags: 2013-119SN, ipad

    Make email accessible by Outlook App on the laptop. Done. Make email accessible by only the Shaw Webmail iPad (i.e. not the Mac Mail program). Done. Settings > Mail > Choose the account > … more