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Why are there two "OneDrive - Personal" listings in my MS Word 2013 "Save As" window?

Tags: onedrive, windows 8.1

Why do we have two "OneDrive - Personal" accounts here?

Each "OneDrive - Personal" account repesents a Microsoft account that you have previously used within MS Office. If this bugs you, then remove the account(s) you don't want.


Remove OneDrive accounts from MS Office.

  1. Open a MS Office 2013 application (such as MS Word).
  2. Go to File > Account.
  3. Under "Connected Services", you can see the multiple OneDrive accounts.
  4. From here, you can remove the service in one or two steps:
    1. Sign out of the service within MS Office (because you cannot remove a service that you're currently using.)
    2. Then click Remove Service.

Done. Now you know why "Save As" lists two or more "OneDrive - Personal" accounts and how to remove those you no longer want.