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The Master Plan for MyLocal.Farm

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mylocal.farm helps people and grocery stores purchase products from small, local farmers.

mylocal.farm will include:

  1. Awareness: Profile pages for farmers.
  2. Demand: A survey for shoppers to say what they want to buy next year.
  3. Supply: A survey for farmers to indicate that they will fulfill part of that demand.
  4. Accounting: A kiosk to help farmers invoice grocery stores.
  5. Content: A publishing tool for people to share thoughts on local food production

Money from those features will fund the following:

  1. Payment: to allow community members to pay for farm stand food without cash.
  2. Awareness: to provide real-time alerts to tell people about nearby farm stands.

These features will provide the following benefits:

  • small farmers will sell their surplus food
  • small farmers can attain farm status to reduce property taxes
  • people will buy fresh local product
  • people will understand better the source of food
  • communities will become more resilient
  • communities will have more interaction with each other
  • increased local food production decreases green house gas emissions and leads to more resilient communities

The pilot program will take place in Salt Spring Island. It will then expand to the surrounding gulf islands. From there it will expand to British Columbia, then the remaining Canadian provinces. Ultimately the product has the potential for an international audience. Imagine the following for Canada will later include other countries.

Ultimately, a person driving zer electric car thru town will receive a notification that a local farm, within a 5-minute drive, sells the tomatoes that are on her shopping list. The person can find the farm, pay with the app, and go on his way with fresh tomatoes, rating the farm stand as he goes.