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Pull from the Orchard CodePlex repository and push to our GitHub repository.

Tags: git, orchard-cms

We would like always to use the most up to date Orchard 1.8.x branch for development.

Desired Workflow

  1. Regularly fetch and merge from https://git01.codeplex.com/orchard
    1. git fetch origin
    2. git merge origin/1.8.x
  2. Do development.
  3. Add, commit, and push to https://github.com/bigfont/super-project.git
    1. git add –A
    2. git commit –m “Some message”
    3. git push super-project 1.8.x

Steps for Setting up the Remotes

  1. Create a local directory for your Orchard project (e.g. orchard-super-project)
  2. Navigate to that directory in PoshGit.
  3. Clone Orchard 1.8.x by running:
    1. git clone -b 1.8.x https://git01.codeplex.com/orchard .
    2. -b 1.8.x means clone only that branch.
    3. . means clone into the current  directory instead of creating a new one.
  4. Create a remote repository using the GitHub web user interface (e.g. super-project).
  5. Back in PoshGit, add the new repository as a remote by running:
    1. git remote add super-project https://github.com/bigfont/super-project.git
    2. super-project is the friendly, local name of the remote.
    3. http://github.com/… is the URL to the remote.
  6. Test your remote setup by running git remote -v