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Configure Office 365 Email DNS records in a WordPress CPanel

Tags: wordpress, dns, office-365, email, ms-exchange-server, sharepoint

Step One. Login to the CPanel.

Step Two. For TXT and CNAME records, in the CPanel’s Domains section, click on Advanced DNS Zone Editor. Add the following records.

foobar.ca              3600 TXT   v=spf1 include:spf.protection.outlook.com –all
msoid.foobar.ca        3600 CNAME clientconfig.microsoftonline-p.net
autodiscover.foobar.ca 3600 CNAME autodiscover.outlook.com 


Step Three. For MX records, in the CPanel’s Mail section, choose MX Entry. Then choose Automatically Detect Configuration. Then add the following record.

0     foobar-ca.mail.protection.outlook.com


Remember to save at each step. Smile






What does it all mean? This Office 365 email article explains the role of each of these records. Here is the Reader’s Digest version.

  • MX Record. Tell email send to anyone@foobar.ca to go to Office 365.
  • TXT Record. The `spf` record prevents spam email.
  • CNAME. The `autodiscover` helps with the setup of Outlook desktop clients.
  • CNAME. The `msoid` helps authentication for various client apps (e.g. Skype.)