Welcome to Shaun Luttin's public notebook. It contains rough, practical notes. The guiding idea is that, despite what marketing tells us, there are no experts at anything. Sharing our half-baked ideas helps everyone. We're all just muddling thru. Find out more about our work at bigfont.ca.

Contents tagged with web-development

  • SSL Testing

    Tags: ssl, web-development

    This page is here just to test whether HTTPS works for the following websites: https://www.bigfont.ca https://www.1in52.ca https://www.1in52.com https://www.gardenfaire.ca More coming soon. more

  • Common HTTP Headers

    Tags: http, web-development

    Request METHOD <url> HTTP/1.1. The method includes GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, and OPTIONS. The latter is often for CORS. Referer Accept Accept-Language Access-Control-Request-Method. Used with … more

  • Choosing an SSL Certificate and Provider

    Tags: ssl, web-development

    Providers The * indicates how many recommendations a provider received in the HN articles listed in the Resources section. One star means two mentions, two stars means three mentions. StartSSL (free) … more

  • Microdata Summary

    Tags: web-development, seo

    I am reading this tutorial. What follows are my extremely high level notes. Item itemscope where the item begins and ends itemtype takes a schema ur itemprop one or the schema’s properties may … more

  • Web Deployment Checklist - Caching

    Tags: web-development

    Often I deploy a change to a site, and only part of the change shows up in my clients’ browser. This is embarrassing, and bites me in the ass often. So, here are some of the strategies I am learning … more

  • PNG vs JPG

    Tags: images, web-development

    JPGs Photographs Landscapes Faces JPGs are “lossy,” which means they throw away aspects of the image that the human eye won’t see. The JPG “Quality” determines how much of the image is discarded. … more